You have probably already become accustomed to finding bigger discounts after the holidays, in every store, regardless of its specifics, sometimes even than on Black Friday.

And if it's not already a tradition for you to shop around in January, thinking you've already browsed through the holidays before the holidays, it would be a good idea to give it a try.

Whether or not you have a limited budget, take into account the fact that new collections appear very soon. Of course you want to be the first to wear a trend or even set it.

And in order to divide you efficiently between the stock clearances with such attractive prices and the new collections, we have created this discount shopping guide.

1. Find out the color of 2020

Color is the easiest way to stay on trend. Browse the stock clearance items, you will definitely find something in the color of the year, or at least that will match perfectly with this color.

Ex .: If blue will be the favorite of the year, choose red accessories that are definitely found in the Christmas clearance collection.

2. Basic, Basic, Basic

Do you know the 'basic' (clothing) items permanently available in store collections? Most likely yes.

These basic items are good to have at any time, especially since the investment would not be a fortune.

And I contradict the fact that they represent a boring or unimaginative style, on the contrary, they help a creative one to become wow.

A simple black turtleneck will create so many spectacular outfits, matched either with mom jeans and a coat and hat, or with a jacket on office days.

And believe me, as basic items you have many variants of the reduced ones.

3. Accessories Always Fit

Accessories should receive an award, because they do not define fashion, they define style!

It's easy to follow a trend, but not as simple to define a unique style, from head to toe, from clothes, to styling, to hairstyles and how to smile to greetings.

That's why your collection of accessories must be as wide and diverse as possible and now, with 50% discounts, it's the perfect time. What's more, they will always fit you, the earrings do not stay small and do not widen after the diet.

The same basic tights you already added to your basket earlier, will be a different outfit every day just by changing the accessories… pffffuuuu magic trick, simple as that!

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