Shipping policy

Delivery & Return

Delivery is made by express courier, from Monday to Friday, within 24h / 48h working hours from the telephone confirmation of the order. We do not deliver the order without a telephone or sms confirmation from the buyer . As soon as possible, after placing the order, a operator will return by phone to the buyer in this regard. In cases where the telephone confirmation is attempted during the hours when the buyer is not available, a text message will be sent to him to inform him of the intention to confirm. You can also confirm by answering a text message to the calling number. In weekend deliveries are made on Saturday , on request, but not on legal holidays. In other conditions, orders placed on Friday will be delivered early next week.

The term may change depending on the availability of stock or conditions that prevent the activity of couriers, announced by the courier company with which FUNKERS SRL collaborates.

In December, deliveries may be delayed due to the increased volume of orders from the courier company with which Funkers SRL collaborates.

Shipping costs

They may vary depending on the destination, weight, size and amount of the package. The transport tariffs are established by the courier companies and can be paid as the total amount of the package upon receipt. FUNKERS SRL is not the beneficiary of transport costs.


Delivery and return fees may be subject to change depending on the offers received based on the contract with the partner courier company or depending on the offers created by FUNKERS SRL , made public on www.

Current tax:

Shipping fee 17 lei: for any order with a total amount of up to 350 lei

For orders of at least 399 lei, the transport is FREE

During periods of discounts or other personalized offers, the threshold for free delivery may change or deactivate.

Return fee : The return can be sent through any courier company you choose, the return transport fee being paid by the customer.

Parcel Exchange Fee: If an exchange of parcels, exchange of products will be chosen, FUNKERS SRL will send the parcel in exchange to the customer, and the courier will ask for the parcel you return. This package exchange has a fee of 25 lei.

NOTE! For orders not picked up or canceled after the delivery time, the shipping fee is borne by FUNKERS SRL . If the client requests the return of the package, the initial fee, related to the package, will be added to the second delivery!

Payment can be made:

- in cash, upon delivery (refund system).

- by bank: if you prefer this method of payment, please let us know; a representative of FUNKERS SRL will take care of all the details (proforma invoice, payment confirmation, etc.) so that your order is delivered in the shortest time. The delivery of the products will be made only after the money enters our account. Payment confirmation can take between 24 and 48 hours.

- credit card


Law 34/2014

ARTICLE 9 Right of withdrawal

Aligned 1) The consumer has a period of 14 days to withdraw from a distance contract or from a contract outside the commercial premises, without having to justify the withdrawal decision.

Aligned 2) The withdrawal period mentioned in par. (1) expires within 14 days of the day on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier is indicated by the consumer, in complicated t in physical possession complicated of products , in the case of sales contracts.

You can choose to:

1. Return of the product / s in exchange for other measures or other products

2. Reimbursement of the amount you FUNKERS SRL received it as payment from the consumer


In both cases, the consumer announces by telephone the wish to return the products within 14 days from the receipt of the products, mentioned in paragraph 1.

In case of returning the product / s in exchange for another product (s), the consumer will send the product he wants to change to the headquarters of Funkers SRL, mentioned below. After receiving the product / s by Funkers Srl, a package check will be made, then we will return by phone to the consumer to confirm the receipt of the package.

The exchange of parcels is not limited , the product can be exchanged for any other, or any other measure, within the available stock. If there are differences in amounts, payments will be calculated by the consumer or Funkers SRL, as appropriate.

To reimburse the amount paid, it will be completed withdrawal form , which will be sent to the email address:

The consumer will be confirmed receipt of the withdrawal form, and will be asked for personal and bank details in order to reimburse the amount paid.

If the withdrawal form is not sent electronically and it is chosen to send it by courier, it will be signed by the consumer.

The consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the products, if they show signs of wear, dirt (makeup, perfume, etc.) and if they are returned in different conditions from those received (defects, broken, etc.). In these cases, we reserve the right not to return the amount paid or to return it in part.

The consumer bears the direct costs related to the return of the products (delivery fee to the headquarters FUNKERS SRL ).

The address where the returned products will be sent is: Str. Polona Nr. 90, Floor 2, Sector 1, Bucharest

The returned products will be sent by any form of courier the consumer wants, We do NOT receive a return by Romanian Post! The value COD package returned will be 0 lei . We do not return the amount paid by courier. After receiving the package, the products will be checked, and the consumer will be confirmed by phone the receipt of the returned products and the data on the refund of the payment by bank transfer.

For more information, the consumer can contact us by phone between 09:30 - 18:00, from Monday to Friday, or by email:

Phone: 0787601090, 0758236005