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Cushy White Pants

Cushy defines a light, comfortable state or situation, it is the support net, the comfort zone.¬ †

Wearing cushy pants, this is the vibe.

It gives you confidence, because it is a current, cool article, and it offers you comfort, because it is a light article.¬ †

Cushy pants are also part of the Cushy Sweatshirt, together with the Doll blouse, available in the Complements category, at a much better price than purchased separately.

They have a high elastic waist, wide design, 3 massive 3D type pockets applied laterally and 2 more pockets applied laterally.

The material used is a full, soft and pleasant cotton.

Composition: 90% cotton 10% elastane

Article made in the Funky Workshop

Measure used in images: XS

<transcy>Cushy White Pants</transcy>
<transcy>Cushy White Pants</transcy>
<transcy>Cushy White Pants</transcy>

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