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Training Pink Cloud

Oh, the adorable Cloud tracksuit!

We liked this design so much that we made it in 3 shades: black, pastel blue and pastel pink. Check all variants in the category Accessories.¬ †

It is a tracksuit consisting of two pieces, which can be worn separately: ¬ †

Oversized sweatshirt, both wide and long, with fur clouds attached by sewing, both in front and on the back.¬ †

Sweatpants with high elastic waist, with side pockets and elastic at the waist.¬ †

Material: tracksuit cotton

Composition: 90% cotton 10% elastane

Cloud material: artificial fur, fluffy

Composition: 100% polyester

Article made in the Funky Workshop

Measure used in images: XS

We recommend manual or automatic cleaning for sensitive items, so that the fur keeps its appearance for a long time.

<transcy>Training Pink Cloud</transcy>
<transcy>Training Pink Cloud</transcy>
<transcy>Training Pink Cloud</transcy>
<transcy>Training Pink Cloud</transcy>

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