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Training YinYang

The brain instantly perceives contrast, it is the first thing we notice and perceive as beautiful.

There are some graphics to show you which color contrast works best, but the classic black and white will always be preferred.¬ †

As YinYang Pants are a flattering success, we thought of making this variant, together with the blouse, as Trening.¬ †

Both parts can also be used separately.

The blouse has a wide design with elastic at the waist, and the pants have a high elastic waist, with side pockets and elastic at the ankles.¬ †

The material used, a fine cotton, tracksuit type, perfect for the new season.¬ †

Composition: 90% cotton 10% elastane.

It is recommended to clean at a maximum of 30 degrees, to avoid overlapping shades.

Article made in the Funky Workshop

Measure used in images: XS

<transcy>Training YinYang</transcy>
<transcy>Training YinYang</transcy>
<transcy>Training YinYang</transcy>

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