1. Free education

More than 100 million girls worldwide do not have access to education. They do not have access to information on how to stay healthy, communicate in society, impose yourself in the same society, develop and help your children grow healthy.

Education has not only an academic form, but it raises you to a social and psychological level that offers you dozens of opportunities in life.

Education in Romania can be free from the first years of life, up to the level of master / doctorate and does not make differences depending on gender. The same free places are available for both boys and girls.

2. Drinking water

We start the first points with essential things in life. And why not do it?

To motivate us to be better we compare ourselves to our role models in life, but to be grateful for what we have every day, effortlessly, it is necessary to take a look at girls less fortunate than us.

So many girls are looking for clean water every day that they have to give up their education.

When the essentials are missing, our priorities change.

Let's be grateful for a few moments for every thing we 'take for granted', but it's so precious to our namesakes in other countries.

3. The possibility to have your own business

We live in a free, democratic country and although each of us constantly needs education, not everything is rosy anywhere, let's focus on the positive things that are available to us.

So many girls, creative and talented, with a desire for work and inventiveness waste these qualities because of inequality and lack of the right to be financially free.

What's more, there are places where women don't even have the right to work, any job, and their only social role is to raise a family.

Superb thing, by the way, to raise a family, but not enough for the multitude of skills that we women have.

Do you want to write a book and sell it to the whole world?

Do you want to have your own kindergarten or online store, your own magazine or medical office?

You may!

Obviously you don't clap your hands and it happens, it requires work, will, resistance to stress and creativity, but the most important idea is that you benefit from this right and you are lucky in the eyes of many other women.

4. Support groups for women

Through a simple online search you will discover that there are support groups for women. Either thematic or general.

And, in the end, even your group of friends is a support group.

Women help each other, advise each other, stand up to each other and defend themselves in any context. And if that's not the case for you, it's time to make a change.

In addition, we have so many successful women models around us, and with the help of social media, which gives you so much useful information about how your model has succeeded, all you have to do is want it!

5. Funding programs for women entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when women with initiative fought alone against everyone. Now, everyone wants to help you, as long as you look at the full side of the glass.

Not all of us were born financially rich, but rich in qualities, skills, talent and will.

Do you want to put these qualities into practice and the only thing missing is money?

There are various programs for financing women entrepreneurs, one of them being the one developed by the MINISTRY FOR BUSINESS, TRADE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Woman Entrepreneur Program.

Although these programs change from year to year, you should not be disappointed if one is not supported in 2020 because there are and appear others ready to help your vision to become a profitable business.

Be grateful for the place where you are, for the device you use in reading this article, for the strong women next to you and because every quality of yours can and has the right to be valued, just because you live in it. -a free country.

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