99,00 lei Pret

Black Tulle Dress

It's time for summer, fun, party and casual. † This conveys the elastic tulle dress, from all its seams!

It's a transparent dress that you can adapt to your favorite grunge outfits.

The material is elastic but also sensitive, so it is necessary to clean a program for fine or manual materials.

Optionally you can add shorts (see pictures) and classic bustier (without straps). The extra cost for these is 39 lei.¬ †

The bra in the picture is not included in the price.

Length: 125 cm

Measure used in images: XS / S

Material: elastic tulle

Composition: 100% polyester

Made in the Funky Workshop

Linen is not included in the price

<transcy>Black Tulle Dress</transcy>
<transcy>Black Tulle Dress</transcy>
<transcy>Black Tulle Dress</transcy>

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